This is a 12-day trip through the most unknown island of the Canary Islands and one of the most beautiful islands. Conceived as a 24-hour tour begins with a sunrise over the volcano Teide of Tenerife and travels through the most characteristic enclaves of El Hierro, ending with a series of nocturnal scenes where you see something that not many people know, the Milky Way so clear and without light pollution that can be seen coming out of the sea. And it is that El Hierro is living nature, clouds that travel from the Atlantic, laurel forests that feed on them, wild beaches between formations of surreal lavas mixed in a paradise …

This timelapse have been acquired by the Cabildo de El Hierro for the tourist promotion of the island, in two different timelapse, one day and the other at night. My sincerest gratitude to the El Hierro administration for providing me this honor.