This is a 12-day trip through the most unknown island of the Canary Islands and one of the most beautiful islands. Conceived as a 24-hour tour begins with a sunrise over the volcano Teide of Tenerife and travels through the most characteristic enclaves of El Hierro, ending with a series of nocturnal scenes where you see something that not many people know, the Milky Way so clear and without light pollution that can be seen coming out of the sea. And it is that El Hierro is living nature, clouds that travel from the Atlantic, laurel forests that feed on them, wild beaches between formations of surreal lavas mixed in a paradise …

This timelapse have been acquired by the Cabildo de El Hierro for the tourist promotion of the island, in two different timelapse, one day and the other at night. My sincerest gratitude to the El Hierro administration for providing me this honor.



Best timelapse winner in the 29th edition of the Maria Luisa Memorial Contest, this is the second part of a project that I started last year and if everything goes well I hope to finish in 2019. In this timelapse I made a shake of land along 200 km of the Cantabrian cornice. From the beach of Gueirúa, near Cudillero in Asturias to Santander capital, which meant that since I left Madrid until my return I traveled almost 4,000 kilometers. I visited cliffs, beaches, rivers, waterfalls and of course the most emblematic sites of the Picos de Europa, symbol of the Cantabrian identity, where in two scenes I fell into the territory of the province of León. This second part has a character somewhat different from the first. The beginning is placid and calm, with subtle movements of camera over landscapes between fogs at dawn. However, as the footage progresses, the strength and hardness of a terrain is again shown in which the speed of the clouds and the incredible rock formations of its coasts provide the film with greater drama, and in its last part it shows the magic of the night light on the sea.

Recorded during 3 days in May and 17 in September 2018 is the continuation of a project that started on the beaches of the north of La Coruña and will end in Bayonne (France). Three short films that will complete the biggest project I’ve covered so far. The first part of CANTABRICO can be seen here: vimeo.com/264409896



This is the first chapter of a trip along the northern coast of the Iberian Peninsula that I started in Galicia, going through the western half of Asturias, and that I intend to finish in Hendaye, the eastern end of the Cantabrian Sea. Filmed for 11 days in September 2017, it responds to the dream of starting the filming of a film that shows the incredible beauty of these sites. An idea that haunted me long ago by the head. Here is the beginning …



I have always wanted to visit the snowy Mount Teide and this year I had my opportunity. From my visit in February 2018 to Tenerife, there is a small timelapse in which I put my whole heart during the 3 winter days I visited the island. 18 scenes and a lot of cold ….



My lastest job realized on winter and spring of 2017. The town hall of Madrid has acquired for the promotion of the city. People says: Only a few of places in the world have this light, and it may be true. This is a journey through the pulse of modernity, of the lights and shadows, of the sunsets, of the nights of a city that has always had a reputation for welcoming visitors for the first time … 12.600 shots in 50 scenes . Timelapse edited in 4 K.



This is the result of the challenge of completing a timelapse, which means a before and after, completing a film of more than five minutes in just 11 days on the island of La Palma. From here comes the second part, a timelapse that I wanted to complete, and from which has come a short 51 scenes where I get more in the soul of the island. It includes nocturnal scenes within the Astrophysical Institute of the Canary Islands, to which I thank, especially the management of the Gran Telescopio Canarias, GRANTECAN, for allowing me to record in their installations